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Brake Caliper Relocating Bracket

for VTX 1800 & 1300



This stainless steel bracket is designed to relocate the rear brake caliper on a VTX.  Relocating the brake caliper behind the pipes gives your bike a cleaner look.


For VTX 1800 installation you will need to replace the stiff brake line with a flexible brake line.


For recommended part -

You will need REF#001




The following are included in the Caliper Bracket kit:


1 - Stainless steel bracket

1 - Stainless steel 14mm hex head bolt

1 - Stainless steel 14mm hex lock nut

2 - Oil bolt washers

1 - Brake bleeding hose

Schematic and part number for flexible brake line cable will be supplied.

Brake Caliper Relocating Bracket Kit - $61

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